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Please send your nomination by February 28th, 2019. Decisions will be made by March 30th, 2019.

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    Spirit of Sanctuary Award – This annual award recognizes an employee who truly models the seven commitments of the Sanctuary Model and is viewed as a knowledgeable resource across the organization. This award will be given to an indirect care staff who demonstrates and models the components of Sanctuary. Examples of Indirect Care staff include those in Human Resources, IT, Finance, Operations, Facilities, Food Services and the like.

    Sanctuary Star Award – This award will be given to an individual who exemplifies the Sanctuary principles and who deserves recognition for his or her outstanding accomplishments. We are looking for nominees who embody the Sanctuary ethos, commitments, and vision; who create a safe haven for their clientele and colleagues; who encourage and motivate others for positive change in their communities.

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