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This bundle includes 3 manuals.

SELF Curriculum
This curriculum teaches core Sanctuary concepts in the language of SELF- safety, emotions, loss and future– with the goal of helping children recover from the effects of trauma and chronic stress. The curriculum teaches our children what happened to them effects the way they act in everyday life and emphasizes education as well as the processing of feelings.

Learning Through Film Curriculum
The Learning through Film Curriculum provides lessons in each of the Sanctuary concepts through discussion about selected film clips. This curriculum is appropriate for children ages 11 and older as well as for adults.

Learning From Our Heroes Curriculum
The Learning From Our Heroes Curriculum offers lessons constructed around each of the Seven Sanctuary Commitments and uses examples of famous figures from history and the present to demonstrate the meaning and practice of these values.


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One of each manual are included in the bundle (total bundle 3 books).

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