Maxine Reddy

Senior Director, The Sanctuary Institute


Dr. Reddy joined the Andrus Sanctuary Institute on February 1st, 2012. During this time she has helped to guide organizations through culture change, cultivating a trauma-informed community. Maxine has lead organizations through the implementation and certification process; provided training through the five day experience as well as specific onsite retreats including communication and conflict retreats and train-the-trainer sessions. She has also helped to develop the peer certification practice within the Sanctuary Network.

Dr. Reddy has worked with several large organizations located around the country that provide residential services to youth involved with the foster care system, residential services to homeless adults and their children, and programs that provide community based counseling, domestic violence, mediation, veterans services, and eligibility services. She has also worked with smaller divisions within organizations that have chosen to have their residential programs implement the Model; thus presenting a unique circumstance to showcase this culture change to other areas of the organization.

Prior to joining Andrus, Dr. Reddy was affiliated with Green Chimneys Children’s Services located just outside of Westchester County in New York. During her 15-year tenure, she was responsible for directing the community based services programs that provided after-school programming, foster care prevention in-home services, juvenile justice prevention services, and the runaway and homeless youth shelter and case management services. Her expertise in providing services in non-residential settings has been particularly helpful to similar organization’s implementing the Sanctuary Model. Before leaving Green Chimneys to join Andrus, Maxine joined the Quality Assurance Department where she was responsible for the continued implementation of the Sanctuary Model post-Certification.

Maxine also has experience as a certified NYS mediator and is a former member of the Advisory Board of the Putnam County Youth Bureau, and an active volunteer for the Putnam County 4H program.

Maxine holds her doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and her dissertation focused on organizational leadership and the implementation of the Sanctuary Model. Maxine holds a masters degree in both community and school counseling.

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