Ibet Hernandez

Faculty Consultant

Ms. Ibet Hernandez has close to three decades of experience in providing leadership support at the institutional, organizational, and individual levels to promote the holistic well-being of all involved. Ms. Hernandez has provided direct clinical services and designed, implemented, and monitored programs aimed at mitigating the deleterious effects of factors that impinge on organizational health and individual mental health such as poverty and trauma. As a bilingual and bicultural mental health, social work, and educational professional, Ms. Hernandez brings a keen awareness of the issues that impact today’s society including those related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. She is passionate about advocating for individuals to have equitable opportunities for success and her career endeavors have certainly aligned with that passion.

Ms. Hernandez utilizes her expertise and knowledge of complex systems and human dynamics in her work helping organizations nationwide implement to fidelity the trauma-informed, organizational change model known as the Sanctuary Model. She utilizes a highly collaborative and integrated approach that aligns the principles of the model with the delicate intricate complexities of the organizations she works with across the country. Ms. Hernandez honors the subtle and unique qualities of these organizations as she partners with them on their journey of change and transformation, guiding them towards the ultimate goal of emergence from good to excellence.

Ms. Hernandez holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University and a Baccalaureate Degree in Psychology and Bilingual Special Education from Lehman College. Ms. Hernandez is currently a Sanctuary Faculty Consultant for the Andrus Sanctuary Institute.

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