Historical Context for Gandhi’s Thoughts and Actions

Definition of Power

Commitment to Nonviolence

Neither Liberty Nor Safety: The Impact of Fear on Individuals, Institutions and Societies

A Selection of Gandhi’s Own Call to Nonviolence (Ahimsa) and Civil Disobedience (Satyagraha)

Social Learning

Getting to Shared Assumptions

Social Learning Activity

Evaluation Survey Sample

Sample New Hire Letter

Sample Job Description


Why Democracy Matters

Turning Hierarchy on its Side

Shared Governance

Implementing a Trauma Recovery Framework for Youths in Residential Treatment – PDF

The Corporate Culture Survival Guide – Powerpoint

Emotional Intelligence

Schools as Sanctuaries

Restorative Practices

Employee Terminations

Emotional Intelligence

Growth and Change

Model of Change and the Impact on Organizational Culture: The Sanctuary Model Explored

Reclaiming RTC’s

Open Communication

Questions About Disclosure

Formal and Informal Messages

4 Dominant Communication Styles


Seven Commitment Refresher

Seven Commitment Scenarios

Social Responsibility

Supervision and Responsibility: The ANDRUS Level System and the Safety Plan (ICMP)