Our Network

The Sanctuary Network is a community of shared practice with over 200 organizations in 16 states within the US and 7 other countries, including Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Ecuador, Scotland and Israel. Today, after over twenty years of adaptation built on its original design, the Sanctuary Model has reached across the human services system. In an effort to create safe and healing environments for children, families and adults who have experienced chronic stress and adversity, the Sanctuary Model is being used across a wide range of settings, including: residential treatment, juvenile justice, drug and alcohol treatment, school and community-based programs, partial hospitals, domestic violence and homeless shelters.

This community of shared practice gathers annually to attend the Sanctuary Network Days Conference, a two day learning session that consists of workshops, lectures and networking opportunities. The opportunity to interface with other trauma-informed care providers has played an important role in the success of the Sanctuary Institute in promoting its mission. The members of the Sanctuary Network have used their common beliefs in trauma-informed care to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes and to build coalitions of providers who have pooled their talent and influence to change policy and practice at the local and state level.